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Australian Nature Guides is Carnarvon Gorge’s only locally owned tour guiding company. Established in 1999, we have helped thousands of visitors to connect with nature on a different level in one of Queensland’s iconic National Parks. Head Guide Simon Ling brings a wealth of knowledge of the Gorge’s plants, animals, landscapes and cultures to each of his tours. You can judge Simon’s abilities and knowledge by the quality information on this website (as he constructed it). Simon is currently researching yellow-bellied glider vocalisations and collecting local plant specimens in his spare time, having recently finished a degree in ecology and biodiversity. You can meet Simon at his afternoon slideshow presentations on the Gorge held at 5pm. on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at Carnarvon Gorge Wilderness Lodge, which are open to the public (all welcome).

One of the best ways to see the National Park is to take a guided tour. Currently, Australian Nature Guides are the only local guiding service available. Walking with us means you have a great chance of having your questions answered as you think of them, being able to identify the native plants and understand their role in the ecology, and you are likely to see and identify more wildlife as Simon can often identify an animal before it is sighted just by its call or the sounds it makes as it moves through the bush.

For those with a particular interest in wildlife, a Night Safari Tour with Simon is not to be missed. The tour focuses on Gliders, particularly Greater Gliders and Yellow-bellied Gliders, and a walk with Simon after dark will give a fascinating insight into what goes on in Carnarvon Gorge’s forests after dark.

The Australian Nature Guides difference…

  • The ‘local’ factor – Carnarvon Gorge is Simon’s home. He lives, works, and studies the area full time as proprietor of the only locally owned tourism / hospitality business.
  • Over a decade spent researching the Gorge, its lifeforms, and its cultures: Simon can show you things other guides have yet to discover and there are few questions about the Gorge that Simon is unable to answer.
  • Maximise your wildlife encounters: Simon’s awareness of the Gorge and its creatures will ensure you don’t walk past anything of interest on the day.
  • The Gorge Gazette: At the end of the day, we compile a pictorial diary of each group’s day which is emailed as a reminder of all we saw, heard and experienced on the tour.

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Australian Nature Guides

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