Who are Savannah Guides?

…an enthusiastic, passionate group of Australian nature-based tour guides and tour operators going from strength to strength after 25 years.

We are a network of professional tour guides and tour operators spanning northern Australia dedicated to helping visitors experience, and understand, the natural and cultural histories of our locations. And that’s where interpretation comes in… Savannah Guides are skilled at translating the language of the natural world, and the various cultures that inhabit it, into clear, understandable concepts.

Savannah Guides work with many of Australia’s leading tourism, environmental and community organisations to pursue our Mission of being an economically sound, community based professional body which maintains high standards of:
  • Interpretation and public education
  • Training and guiding leadership
  • Natural and cultural resource management

Through the promotion of ecologically sustainable tourism principles, we also aim to enhance regional lifestyles and encourage the protection and conservation of the natural and cultural resources of the Tropical Savannahs of Northern Australia.


Savannah Guides received international recognition when they were awarded Best Tourism Organisation (World) and Australian Divisional Winner in the 2000 British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow Awards. We have also received numerous Tropical North Queensland, Queensland and Northern Territory Tourism Awards for Industry Training in the Private Sector and Tourism Services.


What do we do?

We take tours, run tourism operations, and train ourselves to be better at both – through regular professional development.

Savannah Guides Limited was established as a non-profit company in 1988 to provide access for tourists to unique natural features in Queensland’s Gulf Savannah and train high quality tour guides. Individual Savannah Guides might lead you on a tour, or give you a presentation on a topic of interest. However, Savannah Guides – as an organisation – is all about helping guides connect with one another and providing opportunities to continually improve, hone, refine and expand their professional skills.

How do we do it?

Through regular Savannah Guides Schools, online forums, tailored business support, and accredited training programs.

Since 1988, the network has expanded to support over 500 tour guides and tour operators across Australia with a range of professional development activities including Savannah Guide training, the national EcoGuide Program, Wet Tropics Tour Guide Program, and tailored business support. Every year at least two Field Schools are conducted, at different locations, featuring a broad range of learning experiences delivered by experts in relevant fields such as ecology, land management, cultural history, and tourism.

Ulovane sunset

Tailor-made training and tourism mentoring is another professional development avenue we cater to. Savannah Guides has assisted in the development of tour experiences and guides for numerous Indigenous and regional businesses under government supported projects.

Field Schools provide valuable professional development as well as a strong networking opportunity for members and non-members. Accredited enterprise and individual members must meet strict standards of operation and abide by professional Codes of Conduct. This has underpinned the career development of many individuals and the success of many businesses. It has also maintained the Savannah Guides brand; when you see our logo on a business or individual, you can be assured of a quality product.

What's in it for me?

Well, that depends on what you do, and who you are…

I’m a guide, a tour operator, or want to become one…

  • If you’re looking to kickstart a career as a guide, we can help with training, employment opportunities, encouragement, and advice.
  • If you’re a guide already and you’d like to be a better guide, Savannah Guides can help you develop and diversify your knowledgebase, and your ability to communicate with your guests.
  • If you’re an indigenous/regional tour operator, Savannah Guides can help your business grow to its full potential with a range of business resources and staff training options

I’m a member of the public

  • If you’re curious about natural and cultural history, or (like all of us) a lifelong learner, then you can come along to Savannah Guides’ schools and events and have all the fun without the exam at the end!!!
  • If you want an experience that goes beyond ‘been there, done that’, then check out where all the Savannah Guides Enterprises and Guides are located.

Where can I find Savannah Guides?

Across northern Australia, from Central Queensland to the Kimberley.

  • Savannah Guides LTD is based in Cairns, QLD.
  • Australian Age of Dinosaurs, Winton, QLD.
  • Australian Nature Guides, Carnarvon Gorge, QLD.
  • Bedrock Village, Mount Surprise, QLD.
  • Capricorn Caves, Rockhampton, QLD.
  • Cobbold Gorge, Forsayth, QLD.
  • El Questro Wilderness Park, Kununurra, WA.
  • Gecko Canoeing and Trekking, Katherine, NT.
  • Gulflander – Queensland Rail, Normanton, QLD.
  • Moreton Telegraph Station, Cape York, QLD.
  • Outback Aussie Tours, Longreach, QLD.
  • Red Cat Adventures, Airlie Beach, QLD.
  • Red Dirt Tours, Winton, QLD.
  • Undara Experience, Mount Surprise, QLD.