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Individual Membership

Savannah Guide certification is well respected in the tourism industry and in regional communities across Australia. Professional development opportunities for guides occurs through Savannah Guides Field Schools, access to guiding resources and member networking.

Employment opportunities within Savannah Guides Enterprises regularly occur, and the camaraderie and support of peers, mentors, and trainees, is at the heart of Savannah Guides.

Individual membership levels are:
  • Savannah Guide: A Savannah Guide is a protector and interpreter of the natural and cultural environment. They are committed to continually developing their knowledge of the flora, fauna, history, geography and geology relevant to their work and areas of interest. Not all Savannah Guides work for a Savannah Guides Enterprise. Some may work for other organisations, or be self-employed.

Download the Savannah Guide Application Form

  • Special Member:  A Savannah Guides Special member is a non-guiding representative of either an Enterprise, an associated partner organisation, or a government agency, but who shares the same commitment to the Savannah Guides organisation as other individual members.

Download the Special Member Application Form

  • Savannah Guides also acknowledges leaders in our organisation through membership categories of Senior Savannah Guide and Life Member.
A group of Savannah Guides enjoy a bush breakfast at Undara Experience.