Welcome to Eclectus Training Institute, the online training arm of Savannah Guides, Australia’s leading Tour Guide professional development organisation.

About Us

Eclectus Training Institute commenced delivering online courses in 2023 to increase the accessibility of Tour Guide training, following the long tradition of Savannah Guides Field Schools, workshops and other face-to-face training since 1988.

The institute is named after the Australian Eclectus Parrot, a stunning resident of Cape York rainforests. We have chosen the female colouring of the species. Males are predominantly bright green.

By etymology, Eclectus means “to pick out, select or choose”, and it shares roots with the word “eclectic” which is defined as “deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources”, which is exactly what we intend to do.

Becoming a Tour Guide Course

Our first course is for those beginning their Tour Guiding career. It provides a great overview of what a tour guide does, including:

  • The Tour Guide’s Role
  • Your Guests
  • Communication
  • Working as a Tour Guide

Each lesson has a multiple choice quiz and a certificate is issued on completion. It takes about 3 hours. Simply scroll down and Add to Cart to enrol. 

Upcoming Courses

We’ll continually add to our list of courses, with the following currently under development:

  • Developing Tour Content

Courses for You

Eclectus Training Institute can develop specific courses for your company, tour type or region.

Contact us: info@savannah-guides.com.au


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Current Courses