Wet Tropics Ambassador Program

Become a Wet Tropics Ambassador – a storyteller and protector of our World Heritage-listed Wet Tropics!  Simply join a fun, two-hour workshop and successfully complete a short quiz about the Wet Tropics!

The key topics included in the workshop are:

  • About World Heritage
  • Why is the Wet Tropics so special?
  • The people of the Wet Tropics
  • Experiencing the Wet Tropics—what to look for!

Participants receive a handout with the most important facts about the Wet Tropics, and your Ambassador Certificate on successful completion!

The Ambassador Program is delivered in group workshops which can be face-to-face or via Zoom. 

Everyone is welcome to become a Wet Tropics Ambassador!

Contact Savannah Guides for more information on holding a Wet Tropics Ambassador Workshop for your tourism staff, students, visitors or nature lovers.