NT Immersions

First started in 1994 NT Immersions was originally intended to provide clients with a genuine Eco alternative to Nitmiluk (Katherine) Gorge. From the very beginning emphasis has been on client experience and quality adventures in remote areas.

The chosen medium for presenting this type of experience is tropical Savannah river systems, beginning with the magnificent and accessible Katherine/Flora/Daly System.

6 years on and we are now offering a variety of river experiences in different areas, representing a range of challenges and landscapes. Canoes and kayaks were selected for speed, comfort and the enviable ability to access areas quietly and with minimal impact. No effort has been spared in regard to quality of equipment and client comfort, with all campsites being well equipped and beautifully located.

Once on the water all tours are fully self contained and Guides are free to choose campsites and resting points as suits the clients. Operating with a minimum of 1 client per tour allows for easy departure confirmations and ensures personalised service from the guide/s.

Although the occasional 1 day tour occurs the general minimum length trip is 3 days, departure dates, tour locations and itinerary lengths are at the clients discretion, the basic ethos here is, you want to go, so we want to take you, please let us know what sort of adventure you are after and we will put it together.

Our longest river tour has been 18 days and at this length is really an expedition. We also regularly link with mountain bike, rock climbing, bushwalking, 4 wheel driving and of course other Savannah guide operators.

Tropical Savannah river systems represent some of the worlds most ancient rivers, featuring superb river scenery, gentle rapids and diverse flora and fauna. No canoeing or kayaking experience is necessary for any tours. Family groups are welcome with 3 yrs old being the youngest traveller to date.

Consistently travelling away from established tour areas has prompted us to put heavy emphasis on Guide certification and qualification. Apart from advanced Canoeing and Kayaking instructional skills, Guides have excellent food preparation and cooking ability. All tours have advanced Eco-tourism accreditation and of course the much coveted Savannah Guides accreditation.

If contact with nature, an Eco-experience, a relaxing de-stress, or just a few days of unwinding beside a remote river is what you need, then please call us.

Our number one aim is to provide a unique and memorable experience to you, our valued client.


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