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Become a Member

Savannah Guides is a growing organisation and welcomes new membership and partnerships. Savannah Guides has a variety of membership categories:

Friend of Savannah Guides

Savannah Guides’ associate category for individuals or organisations offering communication links, invitations and discounted Field School registration fees.

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To find out more about Fees and Prices please see SGL Fees and Prices

Individual Membership

Savannah Guide certification is well respected in the tourism industry and regional communities of northern Australia. Guide training is through Savannah Guides Field Schools, resource provision and member networking. Employment opportunities with Savannah Guides enterprises are significant. The camaraderie and mutual support of peers, mentors and trainees is the heart of Savannah Guides. Individual membership levels are:

  • Savannah Guide: A Savannah Guide is a protector and interpreter of the natural and cultural environment, a tour guide who continually develops their knowledge of the flora, fauna, history, geography and geology relevant to their region of operation. Savannah Guides may work for a Savannah Guides Enterprise, or independently, or with a non-Savannah Guides Enterprise.

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  • Special Member:  A Savannah Guides Special member is a non-guiding representative of an Enterprise or associated partner organisation or government agency with a commitment to the Savannah Guides organisation.

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  • Savannah Guides also acknowledges leaders in our organisation through membership categories of Senior Savannah Guide and Life Member.

To find out more about Fees and Prices please see SGL Fees and Prices

Enterprise Membership

Enterprise members are endorsed as tour operations of a high standard. They are invited to participate in Savannah Guides Field Schools, corporate marketing opportunities and receive the support of like-minded businesses. There are important benefits in staff development, site management, corporate imagery, visitor referral, tour packaging and industry networking.

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To find out more about Fees and Prices please see SGL Fees and Prices

Corporate Partnerships

Savannah Guides offers organisations opportunities to support regional tourism development and connect with our members through “in-kind” or cash sponsorship at Savannah Guides Field Schools, marketing or training projects or other activities.

To find out more about Corporate Partnerships please contact us.

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