• Wet Tropics Tour Guide Program
  • Wet Tropics Tour Guide Program
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Wet Tropics Tour Guide Program

Join Tour Guides, Indigenous Rangers, Visitor Information Centre staff, researchers, and community members in the Wet Tropics Tour Guide Program. Everyone is welcome to undertake certification or just come and enjoy our activities.

The Wet Tropics Tour Guide Program was developed by the Wet Tropics Management Authority, Savannah Guides and other partners to support ongoing learning and enhance visitor experiences. The Program has been continually growing since its inception in 2012 and supports the objectives of many stakeholders in the Wet Tropics.  It creates networking, information and skill sharing opportunities and builds awareness of land manager and Aboriginal Traditional Owner protocols.

To receive your certificate and badge acknowledging you as a Wet Tropics Tour Guide you must:

  1. Participate in two Wet Tropics Tour Guide Field Schools. These are two day events held twice each year in various Wet Tropics locations.
  2. Complete the Tour Guide Course consisting of units in Presenting the World Heritage Area as a Cultural Landscape; Developing Flora, Fauna and Landscape Commentary; and Commentary Excellence. These are delivered using workbooks at one day workshops.
  3. Pass a Guiding Field Assessment, usually a one hour walk.

The next Course Workshops will be on 28 April and 5 May 2017. Register here: Registration Wet Tropics Tour Guide Workshops

Next Wet Tropics Field School is expected to be held in the second half of 2017.  Details will be available here and notified by newsletter.

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